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DJ vs. Live Band

There are plenty of decisions to be made when planning an italian wedding, but choosing what type of music to have is a very important one. The music at your reception sets the mood for the evening and will determine whether or not your guests get out on the dance floor. One of the important factors to consider when choosing your music is whether to have a live band or a DJ. Live bands are very fun, they sound great and they get guests off their feet easily. One thing to consider with live bands is that sometimes they can take up a large portion of you budget. Another option for music at your italian wedding is hiring a DJ. Having a DJ is a great way to enjoy the music, and an energetic DJ will be able to engage your guests, just as a live band would. You could also have a DJ accompanied by one live instrument. This is a great way to combine both options without using too much of your budget on music. The DJ and the musician will give the music a more unique sound that your guests are sure to enjoy! No matter who you choose to preform at your wedding reception in Italy, it is important to talk to them before the wedding about what types of music, or even what specific songs, you want played at the reception. If the band or DJ know what you want before hand, they will do a better job, and you will have the beautiful tuscan reception you’ve always dreamed of!

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Have you ever been woke up by noisy neighbors? Well, Weddings International found a solution to play music late without disturbing the surrounding neighborhoods. The idea is that as the party progresses there comes a certain point where headphones are distributed to all event guests. The best part is that the headphones are wireless and are connected to the events DJ. This way, everyone is hearing the same exact music. It seems absolutely silent on the outside looking in, but is an enjoyable and unique experience for all guests involved. Everyone still has the opportunity to dance and enjoy the party without being disruptive the neighborhood. This idea is slowly becoming more popular as news spreads about this new phenomenon. Try it out!

A Casablanca dream

Picture a greenhouse located in the breath taking northern hills of Florence transformed into a Casablanca themed wedding venue. Sound romantic enough? Well, this couple from Milan fell in love with Florence and made sure their wedding was located here. They were shown several venues in this picturesque city, but none seemed to fancy them quite like the greenhouse did. The greenhouse windows span from the ceiling to the floor, and early 19th century furniture to encompass the Casablanca theme. As the two said I do, the groom wore an Armani Tuxedo, and the bride wore a light pink Alberta Feretti gown.

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Grazie Mille!

Warning: Your guests will immediately suffer from a case of wanderlust when you announce that Italy is the phenomenal destination spot for your wedding. Heck, you might even have to physically restrain them from immediately jet setting to the rolling hills of Tuscany months before your set wedding date. While your guests are probably far from opposed to attending a wedding in Italy, we think it’s a good idea to give them a thoughtful thank-you. In fact, wedding favors are a time-honored tradition that began in Italy with the bomboniere (box of sweets). Centuries ago, the Italian aristocracy would give bombonieres to their wedding guests as a symbol of good luck. Basically, guests would receive a small, personalized box that held delicate confections, typically five ‘Jordan Almonds’ or ‘confetti’ that signify five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Brides like to coordinate their wedding favor with their wedding theme. An Italian-inspired wedding favor perfectly showcases your unique destination wedding. If you want to stick to Italian tradition, you may opt for confetti almonds as your wedding favor. You can easily add charming personalized decorations. We love the countless label and design templates at Martha Stewart weddings!

Other perfect Italian wedding favors you can easily personalize are: miniature panettone sweet breads, Gubbino Italian ceramics, herb-infused olive oil, or miniature bottles of Tuscan wine and  limoncello from Sorrento. No matter which Italian wedding favor you choose, we guarantee you will send your guests home with a piece of Italy!

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1, 2, 3 say FORMAGGIO!

While not all of the guests at the reception will rush to the dance floor when the DJ plays a song like Twist and Shout, everyone loves a photobooth! Everyone knows that with a photobooth, you get silly, strike a pose, and have FUN! As a hot and trending wedding feature, the photobooth is on its way to be considered a complete and total must at the wedding reception. While a photobooth can be rented, couples have started to think outside of the box (no pun intended) by abandoning the traditional photobooth and creating their own “photo corner”. Not only is this alternative wallet friendly, but it also lets couples incorporate their own touch!

The Backdrop

The backdrop or stage setting to the photo corner is crucial. What can be considered a more impeccable backdrop than the Florentine hills and Tuscan scenery? The competition is slim. It’s basically impossible to use a backdrop as B-E-A-UTIFUL as the Tuscan country (cough ALL of Italy cough). So, why not just use the picturesque setting Mother Nature is giving you? With absolutely breathtaking scenery, historical significance, an air of romance, and stunning architecture, Florence is literally begging to play back drop. Italy can offer couples a truly unique event that reflects the beauty and romance they have fantasized about. 


In addition to the backdrop, props are another must-have for the perfect photo corner. From mustaches to holding old frames to wearing crazy glasses and silly hats, props can range all across the board, giving the photo corner even more personality. Couples even tend to personalize how they choose to collect and share the snapshots from the photo corner. For instance, some couples have constructed a make-shift gallery with all of the snapshots, while other couples chose to fill their guest book with the snapshots. No matter what, the results are absolutely priceless!

Seaside Sophistication

It is a special occurrence when two people from opposite sides of the globe find each other and fall in love. Katie and Michele’s wedding was a poignant celebration of two cultures colliding. Michele, originally from Florence, Italy, met a lovely New Yorker named Katie in the seaside Italian town of Forte dei Miami. This charming and elegant town was the perfect setting for a Tuscan wedding with a dash of flavor from The Hamptons. Nautical elements were accentuated in their bridesmaids’ dresses and shoes as well as the venue itself, creating a fun yet sophisticated mood.



Navy, red, and white details were included throughout the venue and decor, as well as in the guests’ wardrobe. Their flowers also introduced vibrant pops of lime green.


Italian and American coastal style was perfectly embodied thanks to these details, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for Katie and Michele’s celebration.



Autumn is here again in Italy, which means it’s harvest season. Beginning in late August, wine grapes, olives, mushrooms, chestnuts, and more are carefully gathered and sold to the community by local farmers. Australian couple Deanna and Eric had their wedding day during this special harvest time in September atop the hills of Florence in a stunning castle venue.
Deanna and Eric Deanna and Eric
Pro chef Angelo Barni, who had the honor of cooking for Bill Clinton during his visit to Florence several years ago, catered Deanna and Eric’s reception. Many aspects of their wedding included wine-themed influences. Dark reds and purples comprised their table and floral color palette, while local Tuscan wines were featured on their menu.
 Deanna and EricDeanna and Eric
Their special day truly captured the Italian harvest spirit.