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Quirky ceremonies in Italy

A ceremony somewhere off the beaten track, such as a museum, a barn, a botanical garden – you name it.

This is what we love to do!

Couples who want a unique event, are the ones we are looking for. We, at Weddings International, feel that the wedding is so personal and unique that custom-made must be at its ultimate level of perfection. It is fun to plan a special event that goes beyond tradition.

This is an example of what we mean!

A couple’s love of Italy and love for Harleys. During one of the meetings Weddings International Italian expert was brainstorming on how to create a unique, magic event around these two passions. This brought us to the idea of tailoring a biking tour in Tuscany, in very charming, boutique hotels and private historic villas scattered around the countryside.

The day before the wedding they stayed in a sumptuous retreat in Tuscany, La Suvera, and a Renaissance castle that is absolutely out of the ordinary for its historical and artistic riches.

The couple, stylish non-traditional and open to innovations – did not want a typical wedding in the garden or church of La Suvera where we planned a sumptuous rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding.

Barbara had an illumination for the choreography of a magical, unusual wedding ceremony. She picked San Galgano Abbey, the most imposing ruin in Tuscany – a roofless medieval basilica – and despite the countless red tape work for having the permit from the Italian board of Fine Arts for the exclusive use of the monument  — she was granted exceptional permission to stage the wedding there.

The bridal couple arrived with vintage limousines this time – elegant men in tails and women in formal dresses paraded through the aisles of this ancient basilica when a grand piano and a tenor started the notes of Carmen.

The blessing ceremony was simple yet meaningful – they exchanged their vows under a blue open sky — Shortly after the newlyweds and guests, escorted by strolling violins and guitars, walked down a narrow country lane to pay a visit to a nearby medieval chapel and the sword in the rock – where according to legend, the founder of the church resigned his secular vests and opened up his heart to religion.

And now let’s do what Italians do!

At sunset the celebrants were sipping champagne in the memorable Piazza del Campo, the very heart of Siena, where they were met with cries “ Viva la sposa” (Bride!) from passersby, followed later that evening by feasting, Italian-style, at a truly gourmet restaurant – where they dined under vaulted Etruscan and medieval ceilings and with cellars carved in the Sienese clay.  Food was award winning – the wines carefully chosen by the bride and groom came from the most selective vineyards in Tuscany – the music all Italian.

With their Harleys and San Gimignano, Cortona, Pienza on their honeymoon itinerary, they explored Tuscany’s rich culture and beauty – with souls, no doubt, in the state of trance.


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