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Wedding at Tuscany

Hello again… I´m sure every one of us has always dreamed about the perfect wedding just by watching any movie placed at Tuscany, right? Ever since we were little girls, just the picture of the beautiful villages and the amazing fields of sunflowers made us think about how wonderful and special it would be to say “I Do” surrounded by such an incredible sight!

And your little girl´s dream can easily come true! There are magical places full of castles and villages that could be perfect for the biggest day of your life!

Just think about all the possibilities:

Villa Asciano, placed right in the top of a hill, gorgeously built in the XVII Century, gives you the very best Tuscany sight near the city of Siena, bounded by oaks, vineyards and olive trees.

Villa Chianti is another wonderful option placed right in the center of the famous Chianti, just a few miles away from the city of Florence, and it has everything to offer you including the most unforgettable honey moon.

There´s also Villa San Toscano, which has the most dazzling views to the valley of the city of Arezzo. Every season of the year is perfect for you to visit this beautiful place.

If you´re looking for the very best of Italy, you´ll find it in the exclusive Villa Malavoti Hotel, really near from the city of Siena. This wonderful resort has been remodeled and it offers the finest quality and services.

Another perfect option for you and your guests would be Le Crete Apartments, a Villa built in the XVIII century and recently restored; offers different apartments each one of them with separate balconies, back yards and terraces. In this incredible place you can enjoy fishing, playing tennis, riding bicycles and even getting cooking lessons. Perfect for you to relax before the big day!

I believe in never letting our deepest dreams go by, so how about trying to reach them on the most unforgettable day of your life? Don´t you agree?


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