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A new trend…Cocktail-style receptions!

A new trend…Cocktail-style receptions!

More and more we propose cocktail-style receptions to encourage mingling and create movement.

For this reason we like to use fewer seats than there are guests. We suggest providing chairs for 50 percent of the total guest count. But when it comes to setting up your seating, the options become endless.

We like to provide a mix of tall and short tables that are no wider than 90 centimeters (36 inches). They won’t have full place settings so if you go larger they’ll look unfinished.

It’s always a good idea to place the taller tables next to architectural elements (like columns, for example) to anchor them and set the short ones by the dance floor. It’s also important to create some areas for lounging with couches and ottomans. If we want to be wise, we also include a few eight-seater table for older folks to have a place to sit and chat.

Finally, since this type of reception is for people to get up and move around, set up food stations and activities, like a photo booth along the room perimeter.


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