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Photo Booth or not Photo Booth? This is the question..

Of all the trends, this is the latest and most wanted.


Everywhere now you read about this new idea of introducing photo booths at your wedding reception to amuse the guests to fill in idle moments of the reception…

If you are planning a wedding in Italy and you’d like to rent a photo booth, we can help you with that. There are not that many really good-looking choices, as far as we are concerned.

Here is one:


But the real question is…..

“Is the newest trend of getting a photo booth at your wedding really stylish?”


We would argue that photo booths that you find in the market in Italy are not attractive enough and that the small format of the photos is too small to keep for special memories.


As an alternative, if you like the idea of letting your friends and guests express their “creativity” in taking funny and amusing pictures of themselves, we would rather create a photo corner and use the old-fashioned Polaroid cameras.

The corner can be as colorful as you want, it can reflect the mood and the style of the whole reception and, above all, can be less expensive than renting a photo booth, whose cost varies form Euro 1500-to 3000, depending on the location of the event.


The photo taken can be immediately pinned on “clothes lines” that are hanging over a romantic trunk, for instance or mirrored vanity.




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