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A villa Near Syracuse, Sicily

A villa Near Syracuse, Sicily

Of all Italian destinations, Sicily is one the most interesting. Sicily is a beautiful region, an island with a history and big traces of it. The monuments, the archeological sites as well as the traditions of the island are intricately juxtaposed. Sometimes you can see the different eras survive in the same monument, like the cathedral in Siracusa, where huge Greek columns live together with their Roman descendants in what once was a pagan temple.

In such a rich land, we have identified many wonderful venues for your Italian wedding. If you are looking for unexplored destinations, certainly you’ll find that Sicily is quite unnoticed, despite its beauty and its value. This is a 18th century villa restored to its original magnificence…the lush garden is perfect for outdoor receptions and the villa itself is a prefect retreat for a smaller groups. We love the typical Sicilian architecture, the vaguely rigorous lines of old farm houses with a central tower and stone framed windows. We love the palm trees and the orange orchards, the wild flowers…


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