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Source: via Kayleigh on Pinterest

We have never been too fond of sunflowers for weddings. The intense color, so reminiscent of the sun-bathed Tuscan fields, is almost too obvious to use in a rustic wedding. It’s almost a cliche’. When picking your location, the sunflower theme would be at home or a garden but we would really be against using sunflowers for any different location, such as a beach or a city venue. Bottom line, sunflowers are not really to be used in just about any location.
When using the sunflower theme, it is important to be consistent with style of the wedding so we would recommend that the wedding dress is not a princess-style gown with tiara, for instance. Also the sunflower should not be used throughout the wedding and avoid to use the theme also for the wedding invitations or the table menus.
It’s OK to use yellow as the dominant color and maybe throw in a bit of red or brown or green.

In any case the sunflower is such a sturdy, large flower that it is very versatile and can be used in numerous ways: it can be a perfect ring pillow, or a bright escort card stand for the table.

If the sunflower is used a table arrangement, the table should have no tablecloth but rather a linen runner or burlap.


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