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The Italian & American Wedding Cake

In addition to the bride and groom, one of the most important elements of a wedding is the wedding cake. The significance of the wedding cake surpasses its’ incredible taste and beauty, it has ties that date back to the Roman Empire. Wedding cakes were not originally edible and were broken over the brides’ head for fertility and good fortune. The first modern wedding cake that was completely edible emerged in 1882 at the wedding of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany.


Italian and American wedding cakes share a common trait: they are absolutely delicious! However, there are a few differences. The Italian wedding cake is multilayered and served with espresso and coffee; it normally appears flat like a pancake and is prepared at the reception in front of the bride and groom. On the contrary, American wedding cake normally has a topper with a bride and groom piece, and the average amount of tiers on top is three. Neither type cake is better, they both simply have different elements that make them unqiue. Image Traditional Italian wedding cake made with sunflowers*

Image Italian Wedding Cake made completely with fruit*

Image Traditional three-tiered American style wedding cake with cake topper 

Image Extravagant wedding cake from Donald Trump’s wedding*


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