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DJ vs. Live Band

There are plenty of decisions to be made when planning an italian wedding, but choosing what type of music to have is a very important one. The music at your reception sets the mood for the evening and will determine whether or not your guests get out on the dance floor. One of the important factors to consider when choosing your music is whether to have a live band or a DJ. Live bands are very fun, they sound great and they get guests off their feet easily. One thing to consider with live bands is that sometimes they can take up a large portion of you budget. Another option for music at your italian wedding is hiring a DJ. Having a DJ is a great way to enjoy the music, and an energetic DJ will be able to engage your guests, just as a live band would. You could also have a DJ accompanied by one live instrument. This is a great way to combine both options without using too much of your budget on music. The DJ and the musician will give the music a more unique sound that your guests are sure to enjoy! No matter who you choose to preform at your wedding reception in Italy, it is important to talk to them before the wedding about what types of music, or even what specific songs, you want played at the reception. If the band or DJ know what you want before hand, they will do a better job, and you will have the beautiful tuscan reception you’ve always dreamed of!

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