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Destinations in Italy & Travel Tips

Getting married in Sardinia

Sardinia is the most tropical-looking island in the Mediterranean Sea. The entire island has beautiful, sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters and amazing sea-food. A rare combination to find…
Just based on these considerations, our clients, a hip couple from New York, were quickly persuaded that the Emerald Coast would be the best destination for their wedding away from home.
We chose hotel Romazzino, one the top 4 hotels in the area, for the wedding ceremony that took place on the beach at sunset.
The vows, witnessed by a circle of friends and family, were heartfelt; the menu, featuring Italian and Sardinian savouries like pasta with lobster, was delicious; the party, which continued at the club “Billionaire” in Porto Cervo, went on for some of the guests until two in the morning was a big success.


Oh, how we love this faded grandeur!

Oh, how we love this faded grandeur!

We love, love, love this old age patina on this old stone villa, the moss and the ivy that covers the garden walls and the rustic wooden doors of the ancient gate…perched on the hills behind Lucca, this villa embodies the faded grandeur you can find in many Italian villas that have seen better times…but how fascinating they are!

We actually love them more than the total perfection of an over-restored villa.

Perfect for a small wedding with 45-55 guests, this villa can accommodate the entire party in charming apartments and inside the villa itself.

The ceremony can be held inside the gorgeous chapel while the reception and dinner in the very romantic garden of the estate


A villa Near Syracuse, Sicily

A villa Near Syracuse, Sicily

Of all Italian destinations, Sicily is one the most interesting. Sicily is a beautiful region, an island with a history and big traces of it. The monuments, the archeological sites as well as the traditions of the island are intricately juxtaposed. Sometimes you can see the different eras survive in the same monument, like the cathedral in Siracusa, where huge Greek columns live together with their Roman descendants in what once was a pagan temple.

In such a rich land, we have identified many wonderful venues for your Italian wedding. If you are looking for unexplored destinations, certainly you’ll find that Sicily is quite unnoticed, despite its beauty and its value. This is a 18th century villa restored to its original magnificence…the lush garden is perfect for outdoor receptions and the villa itself is a prefect retreat for a smaller groups. We love the typical Sicilian architecture, the vaguely rigorous lines of old farm houses with a central tower and stone framed windows. We love the palm trees and the orange orchards, the wild flowers…

The utmost romantic destination to propose…Venice!

When thinking of the most romantic way to propose, it’s impossible not think of top Italian destinations…

A city built almost entirely on the water is a unique place. Every time you approach Venice,Image

on a vaporetto, it’s impossible not to think how magic Venice is…yes, there are few cities in the world more romantic than Venice.

While proposal locations within Venice are numerous, we suggest skipping out on St. Mark’s Square and taking a gondola ride for the proposal. The combination of singing, privacy, scenery, and the tradition of kissing while passing under bridges, is the perfect combination for a proposal that will stick in her mind forever.

Than continue the soiree’ with a candle-lit dinner on an outdoor terrace that, just across St. Marks square, offers splendid views of  the Giudecca at the impeccable “Linea D’Ombra” restaurant that presents traditional Venetian cuisine with an innovative twist. Image

We only can add a great tip for the accommodation…a hotel in a noble palace on the Gran Canal that feels like a private palace rather than a hotel, a luxury place that is slightly tucked away from the usual crowds! A hidden gem in the most romantic city in the world.

Ask Weddings International at to prepare a customized “Marriage Proposal Package” for you!Image

Just like Romeo!

The most romantic wedding proposals …how about Verona?

What could be more romantic than proposing by Juliet’ Balcony in Verona!

Few don’t know the story of Romeo and Juliet, and what could be more romantic than proposing under Juliet’s famed balcony at the Casa di Giulietta located in Verona? The building featuring the balcony of Juliet is believed to have been the family home of the Cappellos who, according to legend were Juliet’s family, the Capuletis in the famous play by Shakespeare.

Of course this will need to be done in style! If you book the luxury Relais in Verona “Sogno Di Giulietta”, inside the very courtyard of the Capulets Palace and you will have access to the enchanted-like garden after the tourists have gone..that’s when the magic happens!

For a splurge, you can propose overlooking the balcony of love, in the exclusive Allodola suite and eat your romantic dinner prepared by a Michelin- acclaimed restaurant!

Wedding at Tuscany

Hello again… I´m sure every one of us has always dreamed about the perfect wedding just by watching any movie placed at Tuscany, right? Ever since we were little girls, just the picture of the beautiful villages and the amazing fields of sunflowers made us think about how wonderful and special it would be to say “I Do” surrounded by such an incredible sight!

And your little girl´s dream can easily come true! There are magical places full of castles and villages that could be perfect for the biggest day of your life!

Just think about all the possibilities:

Villa Asciano, placed right in the top of a hill, gorgeously built in the XVII Century, gives you the very best Tuscany sight near the city of Siena, bounded by oaks, vineyards and olive trees.

Villa Chianti is another wonderful option placed right in the center of the famous Chianti, just a few miles away from the city of Florence, and it has everything to offer you including the most unforgettable honey moon.

There´s also Villa San Toscano, which has the most dazzling views to the valley of the city of Arezzo. Every season of the year is perfect for you to visit this beautiful place.

If you´re looking for the very best of Italy, you´ll find it in the exclusive Villa Malavoti Hotel, really near from the city of Siena. This wonderful resort has been remodeled and it offers the finest quality and services.

Another perfect option for you and your guests would be Le Crete Apartments, a Villa built in the XVIII century and recently restored; offers different apartments each one of them with separate balconies, back yards and terraces. In this incredible place you can enjoy fishing, playing tennis, riding bicycles and even getting cooking lessons. Perfect for you to relax before the big day!

I believe in never letting our deepest dreams go by, so how about trying to reach them on the most unforgettable day of your life? Don´t you agree?

Quirky ceremonies in Italy

A ceremony somewhere off the beaten track, such as a museum, a barn, a botanical garden – you name it.

This is what we love to do!

Couples who want a unique event, are the ones we are looking for. We, at Weddings International, feel that the wedding is so personal and unique that custom-made must be at its ultimate level of perfection. It is fun to plan a special event that goes beyond tradition.

This is an example of what we mean!

A couple’s love of Italy and love for Harleys. During one of the meetings Weddings International Italian expert was brainstorming on how to create a unique, magic event around these two passions. This brought us to the idea of tailoring a biking tour in Tuscany, in very charming, boutique hotels and private historic villas scattered around the countryside.

The day before the wedding they stayed in a sumptuous retreat in Tuscany, La Suvera, and a Renaissance castle that is absolutely out of the ordinary for its historical and artistic riches.

The couple, stylish non-traditional and open to innovations – did not want a typical wedding in the garden or church of La Suvera where we planned a sumptuous rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding.

Barbara had an illumination for the choreography of a magical, unusual wedding ceremony. She picked San Galgano Abbey, the most imposing ruin in Tuscany – a roofless medieval basilica – and despite the countless red tape work for having the permit from the Italian board of Fine Arts for the exclusive use of the monument  — she was granted exceptional permission to stage the wedding there.

The bridal couple arrived with vintage limousines this time – elegant men in tails and women in formal dresses paraded through the aisles of this ancient basilica when a grand piano and a tenor started the notes of Carmen.

The blessing ceremony was simple yet meaningful – they exchanged their vows under a blue open sky — Shortly after the newlyweds and guests, escorted by strolling violins and guitars, walked down a narrow country lane to pay a visit to a nearby medieval chapel and the sword in the rock – where according to legend, the founder of the church resigned his secular vests and opened up his heart to religion.

And now let’s do what Italians do!

At sunset the celebrants were sipping champagne in the memorable Piazza del Campo, the very heart of Siena, where they were met with cries “ Viva la sposa” (Bride!) from passersby, followed later that evening by feasting, Italian-style, at a truly gourmet restaurant – where they dined under vaulted Etruscan and medieval ceilings and with cellars carved in the Sienese clay.  Food was award winning – the wines carefully chosen by the bride and groom came from the most selective vineyards in Tuscany – the music all Italian.

With their Harleys and San Gimignano, Cortona, Pienza on their honeymoon itinerary, they explored Tuscany’s rich culture and beauty – with souls, no doubt, in the state of trance.