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Tuscan mood

Source: via Kaleb on Pinterest

Tuscany is the reign of olive trees and cypress trees.
Both trees are very special: the olive tree is very handsome tree that symbolizes peace. Its silvery grey-green foliage is amazing mixed with yellow, nude and pale pink English roses that are particularly romantic but it is also very interesting to use olive branches on tables when you want to achieve the very rustic feel of Tuscany….


De-contsructed bouquet

I’m a big fan of the vintage and I love the super romantic vibe of this very natural looking, organic and de-constructed floral arrangement in a vase. It looks like a painting!

Source: via Gena on Pinterest

Baby Breath

Baby breath is the last flower I would want to use…until a 5 years ago. It was usually used by our florists amid colorful other species as a “filler”.
Today we know better. Baby breath is actually very pretty as long as it is used alone!
I recently came across these baby’s breath bouquets and think they are beautiful! So delicate and pretty and cost effective too. I love them!

Source: via Myan on Pinterest

Table tips

The decoration of the tables is very important..and while we feel that less is more when it comes to decoration for the wedding, it is important that the flower arrangement on the table is adequate with the season, the venue style and the size of the table.
We love rectangular long tables over round tables because the visual impact is bigger.
To create a special look, you can easily use a colorful runner. If you use colored glasses and charges you will need little flowers on the table to start with. Long tables are just a lot more complicated to set up and usually caterers charge an extra amount for the setup.
We think that it’s totally worth it.