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1, 2, 3 say FORMAGGIO!

While not all of the guests at the reception will rush to the dance floor when the DJ plays a song like Twist and Shout, everyone loves a photobooth! Everyone knows that with a photobooth, you get silly, strike a pose, and have FUN! As a hot and trending wedding feature, the photobooth is on its way to be considered a complete and total must at the wedding reception. While a photobooth can be rented, couples have started to think outside of the box (no pun intended) by abandoning the traditional photobooth and creating their own “photo corner”. Not only is this alternative wallet friendly, but it also lets couples incorporate their own touch!

The Backdrop

The backdrop or stage setting to the photo corner is crucial. What can be considered a more impeccable backdrop than the Florentine hills and Tuscan scenery? The competition is slim. It’s basically impossible to use a backdrop as B-E-A-UTIFUL as the Tuscan country (cough ALL of Italy cough). So, why not just use the picturesque setting Mother Nature is giving you? With absolutely breathtaking scenery, historical significance, an air of romance, and stunning architecture, Florence is literally begging to play back drop. Italy can offer couples a truly unique event that reflects the beauty and romance they have fantasized about. 


In addition to the backdrop, props are another must-have for the perfect photo corner. From mustaches to holding old frames to wearing crazy glasses and silly hats, props can range all across the board, giving the photo corner even more personality. Couples even tend to personalize how they choose to collect and share the snapshots from the photo corner. For instance, some couples have constructed a make-shift gallery with all of the snapshots, while other couples chose to fill their guest book with the snapshots. No matter what, the results are absolutely priceless!


Escort Card Tables

“Escort card tables serve several purposes depending on the flow of your reception.  They are a great way to identify what meal option your guests have chosen in order to assist the servers with the main course.  They help with the flow of conversation at the tables as all guests seated at the same table may not know each other.  They also help to identify any guests who have not shown up or who could possibly be running late (your coordinator will appreciate this information).  Place cards can also serve as wedding favors for your guests.”


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Tuscan Treats

There’s no better way to end a multi-coursed meal than with dessert! In addition to the wedding cake, some of the most common deserts at Italian weddings are: Pesche, Biscotti, Gelato, Cannoli Tiers, Panna Cotta, Zabaione, Torta Barozzi, , and Sugar Almonds to name a few. Each dessert is rich in color as flavor with simple recipes!

Whether your desert preference is a cookie or a cake, there’s definitely an Italian recipe that will suit your sweet appetite on your wedding day.


Italian wedding desert recipes can be found at: 

Image Pesche*Image Image Gelato*Image CannoliImageImage sugar almonds*

Image Cassata Siciliana*

Tuscan mood

Source: via Kaleb on Pinterest

Tuscany is the reign of olive trees and cypress trees.
Both trees are very special: the olive tree is very handsome tree that symbolizes peace. Its silvery grey-green foliage is amazing mixed with yellow, nude and pale pink English roses that are particularly romantic but it is also very interesting to use olive branches on tables when you want to achieve the very rustic feel of Tuscany….

The wedding theme

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Do you want the wedding to have a theme?
This may sound a little grand, but a theme can be something as simple as using your favorite color as focal point for flowers and table and room decorations. Or you may want to choose a theme that’s personal for the two of you, such as love of classic films, romantic cities you have visited together..
Any beautiful wedding depends on coordination and setting a theme will contribute a great deal towards achieving this.
Below you can see our interpretation on a Tuscan wedding theme. We used a long rectangular table without a tablecloth, a lot of aromatic herbs that are distinctive of Tuscany and olive branches and fruit more than flowers.
Photo: courtesy of Tuscany Flowers

A bright idea to add to the mix!

Every wedding is such a white wedding!
The typical color palette chosen is white or cream. This is the easiest choice for any bride, even though we suggest to set your own trend by bringing bold and bright colors to the wedding. The only guideline that matters is how much you love it.

We totally encourage to use one or more than one color to the wedding palette. Definitely brightly colored designs in aqua and red, turquoise and light pink..go with the flow and mix shapes. The effect will be a wonderful personal style that shuns the ordinary………!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Delicious pastels

I could look at these cupcakes a hundred times and think:
“I do love them, no matter how they taste!”
Finally we discovered a cake-making master in Florence…she can create any design and prepare a truly de-li-cio-us wedding cake that will be unique!

Source: via María on Pinterest