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Planning long distance: Our tips.

Should you get a wedding insurance?

We are not suggesting that there are things that definitely have to go wrong – but, in all honesty, if you’re getting married abroad and travel long distance to get you and your guests to the selected destination, wedding insurance is a smart thing to do.

It covers you when something goes awry – a damaged dress or a cancelled flight for example.

Last summer, the bride-to-be had shipped her gown separately to make sure it would get there with no delays. Unfortunately, because of an incorrect entry in the shipping documents, the parcel was blocked at the airport and it was held there for customs clearance. There was a lot of back and forth with the shipping agent and the airport staff and in the end we managed to salvage the precious box, after dozens of phone calls and several trips to the airport in Florence.

We miraculously cleared the parcel the day before the wedding…We were lucky but the entire happening was stressful enough for us to seriously think to check into insurance options.

This is what we found…

Policies range from about USD100 to USD 1,300 and can be purchased online from Wedsafe ( or Travelers (

Just a thought….though…

We have not yet experienced anything like a “Runaway Bride” situation, but just wondering…Is there any company that offers coverage for change-of-heart counseling?


D Day

At last, you wake up in the morning after very little sleep and turning and tossing all  night. You open your eyes just before the alarm clock goes off. Once it’s little melodic tune starts, your hand is already on the deactivate button. No snoozing today. You rise to open your curtains and windows: a beautiful villa garden lies before your eyes. You close them just to make sure you’re actually there to enjoy it.

Breakfast comes through the door. You can hardly eat with the stomach butterflies going on. Your mind starts wondering, what if the flowers aren’t here? What if it rains? Is the food OK? Will the guests like it? You immediately remember! You don’t have to worry about a thing. Weddings International is handling the whole thing.

You start getting dressed. You can’t find one of your earrings. Panic starts fludding your brain. You remind yourself again! You’re in a wonderful Italian villa where you’re wedding is a celebration, not a worry. The head wedding planner comes through the door with the perfect pair of earrings. You walk down the isle. He’s there waiting. Nothing else in your mind.

See how easy? All those little details need not cloud your mind. We’re here. We’re Weddings International. We’re here for you. Enjoy!