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The wedding theme

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Do you want the wedding to have a theme?
This may sound a little grand, but a theme can be something as simple as using your favorite color as focal point for flowers and table and room decorations. Or you may want to choose a theme that’s personal for the two of you, such as love of classic films, romantic cities you have visited together..
Any beautiful wedding depends on coordination and setting a theme will contribute a great deal towards achieving this.
Below you can see our interpretation on a Tuscan wedding theme. We used a long rectangular table without a tablecloth, a lot of aromatic herbs that are distinctive of Tuscany and olive branches and fruit more than flowers.
Photo: courtesy of Tuscany Flowers


A bright idea to add to the mix!

Every wedding is such a white wedding!
The typical color palette chosen is white or cream. This is the easiest choice for any bride, even though we suggest to set your own trend by bringing bold and bright colors to the wedding. The only guideline that matters is how much you love it.

We totally encourage to use one or more than one color to the wedding palette. Definitely brightly colored designs in aqua and red, turquoise and light pink..go with the flow and mix shapes. The effect will be a wonderful personal style that shuns the ordinary………!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest