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Tuscan mood

Source: via Kaleb on Pinterest

Tuscany is the reign of olive trees and cypress trees.
Both trees are very special: the olive tree is very handsome tree that symbolizes peace. Its silvery grey-green foliage is amazing mixed with yellow, nude and pale pink English roses that are particularly romantic but it is also very interesting to use olive branches on tables when you want to achieve the very rustic feel of Tuscany….


Mismatched bridesmaids dresses!

We love this wonderful set of perfect pink pastels of these custom-made dresses AND we particularly love the fact they vary in shape and design. In fact mismatched bridesmaids dresses is the latest trend in weddings.

These will have to be ordered on line and a few months in advance, as it takes from a minimum of three to five months to get them tailored for you.

A cute idea!

A cute idea!

Wedding photography has evolved quite a lot since we have been in business. It went from being very serious (and quite tedious) with all the posed pictures to candid, non-posed photos with photojournalistic style.
Now the trend is going back to a few posed pictures that incorporate fun ideas…

Source: via Stéfanie on Pinterest

Photo Booth or not Photo Booth? This is the question..

Of all the trends, this is the latest and most wanted.


Everywhere now you read about this new idea of introducing photo booths at your wedding reception to amuse the guests to fill in idle moments of the reception…

If you are planning a wedding in Italy and you’d like to rent a photo booth, we can help you with that. There are not that many really good-looking choices, as far as we are concerned.

Here is one:


But the real question is…..

“Is the newest trend of getting a photo booth at your wedding really stylish?”


We would argue that photo booths that you find in the market in Italy are not attractive enough and that the small format of the photos is too small to keep for special memories.


As an alternative, if you like the idea of letting your friends and guests express their “creativity” in taking funny and amusing pictures of themselves, we would rather create a photo corner and use the old-fashioned Polaroid cameras.

The corner can be as colorful as you want, it can reflect the mood and the style of the whole reception and, above all, can be less expensive than renting a photo booth, whose cost varies form Euro 1500-to 3000, depending on the location of the event.


The photo taken can be immediately pinned on “clothes lines” that are hanging over a romantic trunk, for instance or mirrored vanity.



A new trend…Cocktail-style receptions!

A new trend…Cocktail-style receptions!

More and more we propose cocktail-style receptions to encourage mingling and create movement.

For this reason we like to use fewer seats than there are guests. We suggest providing chairs for 50 percent of the total guest count. But when it comes to setting up your seating, the options become endless.

We like to provide a mix of tall and short tables that are no wider than 90 centimeters (36 inches). They won’t have full place settings so if you go larger they’ll look unfinished.

It’s always a good idea to place the taller tables next to architectural elements (like columns, for example) to anchor them and set the short ones by the dance floor. It’s also important to create some areas for lounging with couches and ottomans. If we want to be wise, we also include a few eight-seater table for older folks to have a place to sit and chat.

Finally, since this type of reception is for people to get up and move around, set up food stations and activities, like a photo booth along the room perimeter.

What’s the style of your wedding?

Deciding what is your “Big Day” going to look like is certainly not easy. There are so many options, new great ideas and trends in how a wedding can be.

One suggestion that we have for you is to take an hour or so to jot down a list of your ideal wedding elements, than rank them from most important ones to least. If your list consists of 75 items, make peace with the fact that can accomplish only the first 25 and don’t even build the others in your timeline. Often we (together with your hints) can create an extraordinary wedding with easy -to-pull extras, like a signature cocktail or a great sax player for the first dance.

One other important recommendation we have for you is to have a talk with your future husband about his hopes and dreams for the day. Make sure he is on the same page about the overall feel of the event before you begin the ticking off your checklist. You definitely don’t want to spend your entire engagement arguing!

Happy New Year – Sparkling wedding!

Hello everybody! I just want drop you this short last post of 2011, to wish all of you a very happy and sparkling 2012!

Wish all of those couples getting married in the next year that it may be a wonderful and successfully wedding! For those who haven’t decide yet…. Well…. Call Weddings International, we will organized the most amazing wedding wherever you want in Italy!
Whishing you all a 2012 full of fireworks & Love !!!! 🙂