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Italian Beach Wedding

Did you ever imagine your wedding on a beautiful beach? How about an Italian wedding? Amalfi Coast offers the perfect combination of both. Located in the Sorrentine Peninsula in the south of Italy, Amalfi also combines a mountain scenery with the pleasure of the beach at hand. Houses, clubs, hotels and beautiful villas are built alongside the mountain over viewing the Mediterranean. Go down and bathe in the beautiful warm waters.

Your wedding will take place at the beach, either in a legal or religious ceremony, where you can go on to your wedding reception on a flowered boat parting from a traditional dock. At the reception, you will enjoy a 6 course meal based on the region’s cuisine. Since Amalfi Coast is in the Naples Region, you may try the most iconic Italian foods.

Spend the rest of your week exploring the small town trying out Pizza and Gelato in their very birthplace. Can you dream of anything else in such a setting?