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The Italian & American Wedding Cake

In addition to the bride and groom, one of the most important elements of a wedding is the wedding cake. The significance of the wedding cake surpasses its’ incredible taste and beauty, it has ties that date back to the Roman Empire. Wedding cakes were not originally edible and were broken over the brides’ head for fertility and good fortune. The first modern wedding cake that was completely edible emerged in 1882 at the wedding of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany.


Italian and American wedding cakes share a common trait: they are absolutely delicious! However, there are a few differences. The Italian wedding cake is multilayered and served with espresso and coffee; it normally appears flat like a pancake and is prepared at the reception in front of the bride and groom. On the contrary, American wedding cake normally has a topper with a bride and groom piece, and the average amount of tiers on top is three. Neither type cake is better, they both simply have different elements that make them unqiue. Image Traditional Italian wedding cake made with sunflowers*

Image Italian Wedding Cake made completely with fruit*

Image Traditional three-tiered American style wedding cake with cake topper 

Image Extravagant wedding cake from Donald Trump’s wedding*


Tuscan Treats

There’s no better way to end a multi-coursed meal than with dessert! In addition to the wedding cake, some of the most common deserts at Italian weddings are: Pesche, Biscotti, Gelato, Cannoli Tiers, Panna Cotta, Zabaione, Torta Barozzi, , and Sugar Almonds to name a few. Each dessert is rich in color as flavor with simple recipes!

Whether your desert preference is a cookie or a cake, there’s definitely an Italian recipe that will suit your sweet appetite on your wedding day.


Italian wedding desert recipes can be found at: 

Image Pesche*Image Image Gelato*Image CannoliImageImage sugar almonds*

Image Cassata Siciliana*

Wedding at Tuscany

Hello again… I´m sure every one of us has always dreamed about the perfect wedding just by watching any movie placed at Tuscany, right? Ever since we were little girls, just the picture of the beautiful villages and the amazing fields of sunflowers made us think about how wonderful and special it would be to say “I Do” surrounded by such an incredible sight!

And your little girl´s dream can easily come true! There are magical places full of castles and villages that could be perfect for the biggest day of your life!

Just think about all the possibilities:

Villa Asciano, placed right in the top of a hill, gorgeously built in the XVII Century, gives you the very best Tuscany sight near the city of Siena, bounded by oaks, vineyards and olive trees.

Villa Chianti is another wonderful option placed right in the center of the famous Chianti, just a few miles away from the city of Florence, and it has everything to offer you including the most unforgettable honey moon.

There´s also Villa San Toscano, which has the most dazzling views to the valley of the city of Arezzo. Every season of the year is perfect for you to visit this beautiful place.

If you´re looking for the very best of Italy, you´ll find it in the exclusive Villa Malavoti Hotel, really near from the city of Siena. This wonderful resort has been remodeled and it offers the finest quality and services.

Another perfect option for you and your guests would be Le Crete Apartments, a Villa built in the XVIII century and recently restored; offers different apartments each one of them with separate balconies, back yards and terraces. In this incredible place you can enjoy fishing, playing tennis, riding bicycles and even getting cooking lessons. Perfect for you to relax before the big day!

I believe in never letting our deepest dreams go by, so how about trying to reach them on the most unforgettable day of your life? Don´t you agree?

Italian Beach Wedding

Did you ever imagine your wedding on a beautiful beach? How about an Italian wedding? Amalfi Coast offers the perfect combination of both. Located in the Sorrentine Peninsula in the south of Italy, Amalfi also combines a mountain scenery with the pleasure of the beach at hand. Houses, clubs, hotels and beautiful villas are built alongside the mountain over viewing the Mediterranean. Go down and bathe in the beautiful warm waters.

Your wedding will take place at the beach, either in a legal or religious ceremony, where you can go on to your wedding reception on a flowered boat parting from a traditional dock. At the reception, you will enjoy a 6 course meal based on the region’s cuisine. Since Amalfi Coast is in the Naples Region, you may try the most iconic Italian foods.

Spend the rest of your week exploring the small town trying out Pizza and Gelato in their very birthplace. Can you dream of anything else in such a setting?

D Day

At last, you wake up in the morning after very little sleep and turning and tossing all  night. You open your eyes just before the alarm clock goes off. Once it’s little melodic tune starts, your hand is already on the deactivate button. No snoozing today. You rise to open your curtains and windows: a beautiful villa garden lies before your eyes. You close them just to make sure you’re actually there to enjoy it.

Breakfast comes through the door. You can hardly eat with the stomach butterflies going on. Your mind starts wondering, what if the flowers aren’t here? What if it rains? Is the food OK? Will the guests like it? You immediately remember! You don’t have to worry about a thing. Weddings International is handling the whole thing.

You start getting dressed. You can’t find one of your earrings. Panic starts fludding your brain. You remind yourself again! You’re in a wonderful Italian villa where you’re wedding is a celebration, not a worry. The head wedding planner comes through the door with the perfect pair of earrings. You walk down the isle. He’s there waiting. Nothing else in your mind.

See how easy? All those little details need not cloud your mind. We’re here. We’re Weddings International. We’re here for you. Enjoy!

The location for your wedding ceremony: Italy

Having a destination wedding is not for everybody. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough at home…adding the anxiety of having your most special day in a location you have not seen can be hard, if not impossible for many. For sure, you must have a planner you trust completely. You must feel comfortable that her tastes are similar to yours, that she understands what matters to you, that she knows what is convenient for your guests and that she is completely in control of all logistics.
To find the perfect location is one of our most difficult tasks and yet the most gratifying…

Whether you envision a traditional chapel ceremony;  a beachy, barefoot lobster bake; or a fairy-tale castle where to dance under the stars, here’s what yo need to keep in mind.

1) How many people do you want to attend and how mobile are they?
We find that many couples choose to a have a destination wedding in Italy because they love art, history, Italian food but overall the most common reason is to keep control of the guest list. Having a less numerous wedding party means for many couples to have a more intimate wedding in a very relaxed environment. The “Dolce Vita” experience is what everybody seeks in heart.
Obviously you’ll have to anticipate the needs of your nearest and dearest and make sure the people you really want can attend your wedding away from home.

2) Do you want a religious ceremony?
If you want a traditional religious ceremony, depending on your religious affiliation, you may need to have it in a place of worship, which is the case if you are Catholic. The Catholic religious wedding in Italy is the only one that also has civil value e.g. the couple is legally married in Italy and does not need to do anything else in their residence country. In many instances we feel that an outdoor scenic setting is the most important factor for our clients who come from all over the wold to tie the knot in Italy, that is why many couples get married civilly in their countries before they come. As an alternative for those who do not want to renounce to having their wedding in organized religion, we propose having a civil ceremony in Italy, which generally takes place one of two days before the religious wedding. The civil ceremony is performed in the Town Hall of the selected destination in Italy. In the last year, the Italian government has given permission to a restricted number of venues for valid civil weddings.

Welcome to the “Wedding International” Blog!

Here we are ! In the end we decided to take the leap into the world of bloggers! and opened our page on how to get married in Italy.

Through the pages of this blog and through our web site we will help your arrange your perfect ITALIAN WEDDING throughout Italy: the Chianti region, Florence, Siena, Tuscany, but also the north of Italy: Lake Como, Lake Garda Venice, as well as the colourful Amalfi Coast with its natural jewels like Positano,
Sorrento and Capri !

We are Barbara & Stefania two native Florentines we know Italy like the back of our hands, because of the love we have for our “Belpaese” and curiosity of discovering new places for your dream wedding in Italy.

Stay tuned … much much more to come !