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Gondolieri & Palazzi Only in Venice

You’ve seen it in movies, or perhaps you have lived it yourself: a gondola ride through the Venetian Canals. Now imagine one of those Gondolas specially adorned for you and your newly wed spouse, navigating every crevice of Venice. Next thing, you are being dropped off at your wedding reception at a 17th century Palazzo with original furnishings.

You will be overwhelmed by the ancient luxury, and what’s more, should you choose to have your wedding during the Venetian Carnival, you are in for a treat. Masked Venetians throughout the city, celebrating for two weeks just before ash Wednesday (start of Easter) ending in Martedí Grasso or mostly known as Mardi Gras.

Finish off the ceremony with a spectacular contemporary dinner. A few days after or before the wedding, enjoy along with your guests a visit to the neighboring Murano Island. Know the place where by the end of the 13th century most of the Italian glass makers moved.


The location for your wedding ceremony: Italy

Having a destination wedding is not for everybody. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough at home…adding the anxiety of having your most special day in a location you have not seen can be hard, if not impossible for many. For sure, you must have a planner you trust completely. You must feel comfortable that her tastes are similar to yours, that she understands what matters to you, that she knows what is convenient for your guests and that she is completely in control of all logistics.
To find the perfect location is one of our most difficult tasks and yet the most gratifying…

Whether you envision a traditional chapel ceremony;  a beachy, barefoot lobster bake; or a fairy-tale castle where to dance under the stars, here’s what yo need to keep in mind.

1) How many people do you want to attend and how mobile are they?
We find that many couples choose to a have a destination wedding in Italy because they love art, history, Italian food but overall the most common reason is to keep control of the guest list. Having a less numerous wedding party means for many couples to have a more intimate wedding in a very relaxed environment. The “Dolce Vita” experience is what everybody seeks in heart.
Obviously you’ll have to anticipate the needs of your nearest and dearest and make sure the people you really want can attend your wedding away from home.

2) Do you want a religious ceremony?
If you want a traditional religious ceremony, depending on your religious affiliation, you may need to have it in a place of worship, which is the case if you are Catholic. The Catholic religious wedding in Italy is the only one that also has civil value e.g. the couple is legally married in Italy and does not need to do anything else in their residence country. In many instances we feel that an outdoor scenic setting is the most important factor for our clients who come from all over the wold to tie the knot in Italy, that is why many couples get married civilly in their countries before they come. As an alternative for those who do not want to renounce to having their wedding in organized religion, we propose having a civil ceremony in Italy, which generally takes place one of two days before the religious wedding. The civil ceremony is performed in the Town Hall of the selected destination in Italy. In the last year, the Italian government has given permission to a restricted number of venues for valid civil weddings.