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1, 2, 3 say FORMAGGIO!

While not all of the guests at the reception will rush to the dance floor when the DJ plays a song like Twist and Shout, everyone loves a photobooth! Everyone knows that with a photobooth, you get silly, strike a pose, and have FUN! As a hot and trending wedding feature, the photobooth is on its way to be considered a complete and total must at the wedding reception. While a photobooth can be rented, couples have started to think outside of the box (no pun intended) by abandoning the traditional photobooth and creating their own “photo corner”. Not only is this alternative wallet friendly, but it also lets couples incorporate their own touch!

The Backdrop

The backdrop or stage setting to the photo corner is crucial. What can be considered a more impeccable backdrop than the Florentine hills and Tuscan scenery? The competition is slim. It’s basically impossible to use a backdrop as B-E-A-UTIFUL as the Tuscan country (cough ALL of Italy cough). So, why not just use the picturesque setting Mother Nature is giving you? With absolutely breathtaking scenery, historical significance, an air of romance, and stunning architecture, Florence is literally begging to play back drop. Italy can offer couples a truly unique event that reflects the beauty and romance they have fantasized about. 


In addition to the backdrop, props are another must-have for the perfect photo corner. From mustaches to holding old frames to wearing crazy glasses and silly hats, props can range all across the board, giving the photo corner even more personality. Couples even tend to personalize how they choose to collect and share the snapshots from the photo corner. For instance, some couples have constructed a make-shift gallery with all of the snapshots, while other couples chose to fill their guest book with the snapshots. No matter what, the results are absolutely priceless!


Kate & Michele’s Wedding

Kate is a New York City native, and Michele is originally a Florentine that later moved to New York City. The couple  had a beautiful ceremony on the seaside at Forte De Marmi under the Tuscan sun of Italy. Forte De Marmi is a comune in the province of Lucca named after the fort that lies at the heart of the city. It is an elegant location for a seaside wedding!

            The bride wore a beautiful lace gown with a sweetheart neckline and the bridesmaids were dressed in black a-line gowns. The groom’s suit and grey tie complimented the bride and bridesmaids perfectly.


Check out pictures of Kate & Michele’s stunning day below: 








Undiscovered gem

When we choose a venue, the first thing we keep in mind is how the place feels and the magic we can create around it.

We like to use new locations and undiscovered places, even if this entails quite a lot of heavy-weight lifting on our part. We saw an un-habited hamlet in the heart of Tuscany and immediately fell in love with it.

The place was deserted and the gardens outgrown. Planning an event in a venue like that was in fact the start of an entire “beautification” project. But the little church that stood in the middle of this quaint village was an authentic gem of the eighteenth century, with lovely stuccoes that looked like soft embroidery in the candle-lit afternoon light. Facing the church, the main villa with its faded grandeur needed an incredible amount of repair and cleaning but had such a beautiful terrace and a great dining room that continued to tickle our creative spurts.

We could not give up the idea but had to set up a plan of action. The church only needed serious cleaning after all and we had 5 months to fix the walled garden.

We had fallen in love with the place and started to toy with the idea of creating an event in a place that had magically come back to life from its ruins.. We loved the scuffed walls and the exposed bricks of the barn, the ancient terracotta tiles of the old roofs of the building nearby.

So we had the idea of creating an enchanted, secret garden as you could only enetr it through a very old and damaged door. The barn that overlooked the garden was seriously damaged so we thought to gently dress the door and make the scruffy look more delicate by using some draping. We liked the contrast of the curtain with ruined wall and exposed bricks of the barn.

For the cocktail in the secret garden we only used the furniture that was scattered in the villa and the current owner very generously let us scout the massive storage space where they kept all the furniture, objects and artifacts that were found in the hamlet at the time of the acquisition. We were incredulous at the amount of interesting objects that were piled up there: old toys, paintings, embroidered tablecloths as well as ancient tools, glassware and a huge amount of chests, old tables, mirrors etc.

We decided to only use what we could find there.

The result was a very sweet garden place with vintage sofas, paint-chipped iron chairs and tables, scattered wicker chairs and low table.

We use minimal money to buy new Ikea pillows and some sunflowers for one terracotta vase we had found.

The villa was more complicated. The main dining room needed more than a touch up and we did not want to start any serious renovation.

We came up with the idea of dressing it up with some rich fabrics to return it to the old splendors with the use of intense colors such us a dark red and a sapphire blue.

The window curtains immediately made the difference and reached exactly the dramatic effect we had hoped for.

For the huge table in the middle, we liked to use only a blue silk runner with no tablecloth. We wanted the table to look as opulent as an authentic Renaissance table and for this reason we used golden extra tall candelabras and scattered gold rimmed vintage looking jars for the candles placed amid a heap of dark red rose petals.

The Wedding of Your Dreams in Tuscany

Tuscany is located in the center part of Italy. It is known for having beautiful and incomparable landscapes and is home and birthplace to influential artistic figures in history. Enjoy their legacies in all arts such as architecture, paintings, sculptures, and music at your own wedding.

Tuscany’s capital city Florence is the very place where the Renaissance started. The city is filled with different sceneries from the times of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Just outside the city, we have an excellent location for you and a small number of your preferred guests to stay in a fourteenth century convent. The wedding ceremony would take place at a fifteenth century villa nearby. Join two centuries of history together in a single experience. It is our most popular wedding site.

If you are fonder of the countryside, we have another very popular Tuscan location where you can enjoy vineyard tours, wine tastings, horse back riding and other amenities for a week’s worth wedding and vacation for your guests.